MIX 16

It’s been a few months, but finally a new sleepy time metal mix, perfect for long walks in graveyards, or disappearing into the fog.

These mixes take awhile for me to make. I started this one about a week or two ago. Lots of work and work-related stuff gets in the way, and I usually go for a run or a bike ride to shake off that work stress, but tonight I wasn’t feeling either of those, so I set off to finish this mix.

Something about sitting here in front of the same machine that I use for work, and instead of fretting over incoming emails, or managing tabs, I get to just watch tracks run for seven straight minutes, and I force myself to stay present and watch the second tick by. The exact opposite of the normal work day.


‘To Be Held For A Long Time 2’ by Clem Bourque, https://clembourque.bandcamp.com
‘1100001101’ by Nerthus, https://nerthus.bandcamp.com
‘Effigy’ by BLAKMOTH, https://blakmoth.bandcamp.com
‘Oga’ by sonnov, https://sonnovdrone.bandcamp.com
‘Ataraxie’ by PL.F, https://plfdub.bandcamp.com
‘0132’ by Yorkshire Modular Society, https://yorkshiremodularsociety.bandcamp.com
‘the wait’ by raxil4, https://raxil4.bandcamp.com
‘Lager’ by Saty, https://saty.bandcamp.com