I’ve been working on these HUNTERTHEN tracks since March, and hoped to get this released in early April, but sometimes the magic and art have their own ideas, so I’m content with releasing this today.

I tried some new writing techniques this time around, mainly creating more sounds and vibes, and then cutting each track in and out in real time while doing other work. I’d keep adjusting until something clicked, and then I could work for 15 minutes at a time and surprise myself that I let something loop for that long without noticing.

I’m quite happy with the description of this album, too:

‘ASCENDING TO THE DECOMPOSITIONAL TIMESCAPE’ is a transport vessel to unknown, desolate worlds, destined for the monotonous hum of cold, futuristic data work lit by the glow of computer screens and datapads.

With a lot of the compositions I envision nighttime rides on futuristic trains through the city, or shuttles between the moons and planets at the end of work shifts.

I hope you enjoy.