MIX 35

Another soundtrack to the unending gloom.

Wasn’t able to fully enjoy my nighttime decaf coffee as the township just installed a new streetlamp outside of my window, so now I wasn’t able to zone out and stare out the window while making this mix.


hell on hearth, ‘eighty seven’
Release earlier this month, this 18 minute track is a journey. Love the spooky, distant dialogue throughout, which is something new here for GNMF.

System Exile, ‘House of the Heretic’
Newly discovered System Exile, this track from 2021. They have lots of similarly gloomy recordings, so check them out.

sonnov, ‘Okeami’
A regular with my mixes, sonnov from the Ukraine is releasing music constantly.

Fross, ‘Perdido en la Boscosidad’
Perfect mix of gloss and gloom from Costa Rica, this from 2016.

HUNTERTHEN, ‘Miserable Jobs’
A new track from my three-track release WIZARD BOX, released earlier this month.

The Crafter, ‘Z1 – Various – Ascension’
Released earlier this month, I highly recommend the whole album, ‘Nostalgic Memories in a Fading Universe Year 8.’