MIX 40

While productivity reigns and rest is shunned, hold close the value of a good night’s sleep.

The oppressive anti-sleep state demands we sleep less and rise early for the sake of productivity, but we rebel.

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This dark ambient / drone mix is not only a tool for relaxation and escape, but also a symbol of resistance against the forces that seek to deprive us of the rest we deserve.

Take a stand and lay down, embrace the beauty and power of a deep, restful slumber.

Have sweet dreams.

Let this mix be your guide on the journey to a more balanced life, where sustainable productivity and restful sleep coexist.


Wereju, ‘Power And The Flesh That It Holds’ – https://threestigmata.bandcamp.com/album/cities-and-thrones-and-powers-2

Music for Nobody, ‘Sentinel’ – https://musicfornobody.bandcamp.com/album/sentinels

Ikunaa, ‘Funerals Became Garbage Disposals 1’ – https://ikunaa.bandcamp.com/album/funerals-became-garbage-disposals

sonnov, ‘Tyje’ – https://sonnovdrone.bandcamp.com/track/tyje

Keep Trying, ‘Treibgut’ – https://xkeeptryingx.bandcamp.com/track/treibgut

Project_Aethra, ‘All Thoughts Lead To Death’ – https://projectaethra.bandcamp.com/album/hibernia