MIX 46

An internet radio station approached me recently, to feature a mix every month that’d be exclusive to them for a bit. But you, my dear listener, deserve better than that. Please enjoy.


Killanova ‘Eternityness II’ – https://killanova666.bandcamp.com/track/eternityness-ii

BLAKMOTH ‘Hope Gives Way to Sorrow’ – https://blakmoth.bandcamp.com/album/the-hissing-silence

Sacha Kwach ‘Apocrypha III’ – https://sachakwach.bandcamp.com/track/apocrypha-iii

Solipsism ‘Crucible Of Hope’ – https://neotantra.bandcamp.com/track/crucible-of-hope

Alphaxone ‘Crossing Beyond’ – https://alphaxone.bandcamp.com/album/reflective-souls

Tomb Wizard ‘Session 1 (Beneath You)’ – https://tombwizard.bandcamp.com/album/sapphire-tunnels

Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse ‘Colonnades of Strange Temples’ – https://ironcthulhuapocalypse.bandcamp.com/track/colonnades-of-strange-temples