MIX 48

It’s the end of another week, so let us wind down with another Goodnight, Metal Friend mix on a Sunday night.

Some people think the week starts on Sunday. I’m not here to argue.

Just rest, fine peace, be calm. May this mix tuck you into bed, or if you’re working, may it dampen the dread of the toil ahead.


Sacha Kwachlow season Ihttps://sachakwach.bandcamp.com/track/low-season-i
Instant Movie Combinationsj3 2010 remake (2018 mix)https://instantmoviecombinations.bandcamp.com/album/j3
Ryk ThekreatorAnd They Droned On And On And …https://assparragus1.bandcamp.com/album/blind-the-openness
DruidAs I Walk Through the Olden Church, I Hear Evil Whispershttps://thedruid.bandcamp.com/album/grave-wraith
Northwest PassageB: Silent Runnerhttps://northwest-passage.bandcamp.com/album/northwest-passage
Superkirby145L5 – The World Sinks Belowhttps://superkirby145.bandcamp.com/track/l5-the-world-sinks-below