MIX 29

Tried to hit 30 total mixes by the end of the year, but just missed it. I love doing these, and will continue doing them into the new year. This weird thing I started doing as a little hobby during the start of the pandemic is the one thing that’s truly stayed with me from that time!

When I started using the Headspace app to fall asleep, I loved the Warm Engines clip. And, well, I love metal, but falling asleep to metal is very hard. Even some of the more doom – drone stuff includes DRUMS and shrieks and stuff, so that doesn’t work well for sleeping.

I didn’t really know it was a genre, but “dark ambient” was what I was looking for, and even then there are many variants of this sub-genre. Some is still pretty grating, with loud parts and and shrieks and other sudden bursts of sound.

So rather than build a playlist on on a streaming music service, I start sourcing (and purchasing) music from Bandcamp, and figured out how to “mix” songs together like a DJ, and I absolutely love it.

My online pal DJ Shotski start DJing polka music around the start of the pandemic, and now she DJs at festivals and events. Maybe I can DJ some planetarium or spooky art galleries some time! DREAM BIG.


Aleatorica ‘Part One B’ – https://aleatorica.bandcamp.com/track/part-one-b-3

Dirty Knobs ‘The 6 Tones’ – https://zacbentz.bandcamp.com/album/666666supersatan

Vomitriste ‘Tetraedrum’ – https://vomitriste.bandcamp.com/album/teleokinet

Forbidden Monolith ‘Hopeless’ – https://forbiddenmonolith.bandcamp.com/track/winter

Haunted By ‘Inhuman Operator’ – https://hauntedby.bandcamp.com/track/inhuman-operator

mötus ‘aftermaths’ – https://motus669.bandcamp.com/track/aftermaths

Nate Collins ‘TRVLRS IV’ – https://natecollins.bandcamp.com/track/trvlrs-iv