Photo by Christina Bean Fiorino

At the start of the pandemic of 2020, as I drifted into a deep sleep, the robotic melodies of “Warm Engines” from the Headspace app enveloped my consciousness, like echoes of a distant dream. Yet as I awoke, a new sound beckoned me – the whispers of “dark ambient.”

For hours, I scoured the digital expanse, seeking a suitable mix that would lull me into a restful slumber.

I journeyed into the depths of Bandcamp, seeking out the elusive sounds of sonically steady dark ambient and drone. With each discovery, my mind raced, and I honed my skills, learning the art of the mix. Grateful to be creating soundscapes to lull you to sleep or help you empty your to-do list.

It was on May 4, 2020 when I uploaded the first Goodnight Metal Friend mix (view all of them here), and then in 2021 I started making my own whirring soundscapes as HUNTERTHEN (listen on Bandcamp).