MIX 38

I was sick a few days this past week, but somehow still managed to get this mix done and posted. It helped that I sourced everything earlier in the week, still, I was grateful to be able to pull everything together and make it work.

It’s weird to have been doing this since 2020, since the pandemic started. The isolation never really went away, even with things being “open” now and all.

Another HUNTERTHEN track, and one from Norah Lorway who I’ve known since 2011 or so (!), but otherwise this mix is sort of all over the place.

cosmic lace on broken bones, ‘spiral’
Used just a bit of this 25 minute beast from 2021. A bit of “swirling wind” with this one, and various other sounds, which is something I try to avoid, but I thought this worked.

One of my new tracks from ‘DARK MATTER DRIFT.’ The drone, the repetition, the sounds in the distance. Hope you like this one.

Cédric Lévêque, ‘North 1’
An old one from 2015, and I’m glad I found this one track that was low and rumbly that fit the Goodnight, Metal Friend vibe.

Obsidian Relic, ‘The Obsidian Relic’
Wasn’t sure how this was going to fit, but thankfully it worked itself out.

Norah Lorway, ‘what power will save us now’
I believe this the second time I’ve featured something from Norah Lorway, and it’s always a pleasure.

Death on Cassette, ‘This Stillness [Tape 2, Side B]’
Not my typical outro track, as this one moves up and down, quiet to loud, but I think if you’ve made it this far in the mix you’ll appreciate it.