MIX 37

This is the first time I made one of these mixes while on the road. I knew I was going to be in NYC on a Friday night, so I packed my Allen & Heath Xone:K2, but forgot to pack the right USB cord!

Thankfully Mikey’s Hookup was still open on a Friday night, a shop I visited a few times when I used to live in Brooklyn back in 2010 – it’s like I never left.

But really, forgetting that cable and forcing me to find a solution in my old neighborhood was a lot of fun.

This one was a beast, as I love finding six tracks that are around 10 minutes in length, but this one is seven tracks, and it got kept me on my toes at the end.

Periskop, ‘Blackout 1. I’
This one’s a bit noisy, but I think it works well to start off this mix – a bit loud and clanky like Brooklyn!

System Exile, ‘Kodokushi’
Second time using something by System Exile (first was in mix 35), this one plenty dark with a bit of an in and out pattern.

KELADOS, ‘Untitled 6’
This is how I like it – dark and wide. Released earlier this month.

sonnov, ‘Mypuk’
An airy, expansive soundscape from sonnov, as usual!

Hiemal, ‘VI’
This from 2019, from French artist Hiemal, from the album ‘Aleutian Canopy.’ Highly recommended.

Vituperative, ‘maelstrom dalliance’
Another recent release from this month – rumbling and wide. Love this.

Fross, ‘El Abismo’
Perfect closing track. Definitely check it out on its own.