MIX 36

Too much, too often. Long walks and loud music usually help, along with donuts and coffee, sometimes in excess. Do what you have to do, though.

HUNTERTHEN, ‘Beyond Blessed’
Opened this mix with one of my recent tracks.

BLAKMOTH, ‘Vagues Eternelles’
Finally got another Blackmoth track in a mix (the first was in MIX 16). Dig through his entire discography, my goodness, it’s expansive.

Gailes, ‘Requiem For An Airport Television Newsreader’
Found this through various levels of Bandcamp digging, this from 2017. Surreal and glistening.

Kali Malone, ‘Living Torch I’
This from composer, organist & synthesist Kali Malone from Sweden. Stunning.

Camp IV, ‘Edema Pulmonar de Altitud’
Released earlier this month. A five song release that remains mysterious, but this track is a beast.

Death on Cassette, ‘The Decayer [Tape 1, Side B]’
Another release from this month. Brooding, droning, dark. I love it.